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dear Jane

March 19, 2013
By shishi1995 BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
shishi1995 BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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To my love Jane,

Do you remember that rainy afternoon in SoHo?
Your scarlet dress refused to blend into the backdrop of the grey city. Seeking shelter from the heavy raindrops, you rushed into a corner café.
Mesmerized, I followed you in and hesitantly introduced myself. You glanced up at me and timidly smiled. That was the moment I became enchanted by your stunning aura.

Remember how we sat on the pier, our feet swinging off the edge as the sunset blushed kissing the horizon, the first day we spent together? Or how about our numerous frigid morning coffee runs? You took my hands and my heart to warm them up. And I’m still in awe by the memories of the nights we laid intertwined, in a room where a muted lamp glowed on a nightstand next to our bed.
But none of it - ever - could compare to the spark that reached the blue of your irises every time you laughed.

Except now, it’s all just a remarkable yet remote recollection.
Lights faded away. And your eyes became black, hollow orbs and left me lonely. I never understood where it had gone but I trust that it’s somewhere you belong.
Perhaps it had left to pour through a stain glass window of a little white church.
Perhaps it ran and danced on the faces of the crowd at a concert venue.
Perhaps it now twinkles in the eyes of newborn son smiling up at his mother as she held him close to her chest.
You’re probably everywhere and anywhere you want to be because you had always been a free-spirit. No one can contain a blazing light.
But now, as I write this to you, all I crave for is to have you close to me once more so maybe you light the way down this dark lingering path.
Yours truly,
John Doe

The author's comments:
Just inspired by a trip to NYC...

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