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March 25, 2013
By benyewest SILVER, Katy, Texas
benyewest SILVER, Katy, Texas
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Well this is my attempt at being Cupid,
I know it's stupid but all I want to do is,
Talk about how your hair glistens,
When you come sit down and listen,
To what I have to say, I can barely keep it at bay,
It's like speaking in a play when the lines begin to fade,
My insides quiver when I look into your eyes of brown silver,
Somehow my words start to sliver in so I can deliver,
The message from my heart that I will impart,
Right now this is the start,
See, this how I want it to be,
You and me at a table eating,
And talking, talking about life,
About lows about highs,
About peace about fights,
About bows about ties,
And I won't lie, I have urges,
But that's not why I have surges,
Of feelings for you,
I can't define love that's true,
But I think it's us, true blue,
Put two and two together and you'll understand,
I'll do anything to just hold your hand,
Damn, I sound so weird,
But damn I feel no fear,
When I'm saying this I don't give a s***,
What people say, may it be insult or wit,
I don't care if I get hit for what I feel,
I'm invincible like the Man of Steel,
I'm for real I keep my promises,
I don't know what my problem is,
But all I know is I want to be with you,
Through days bad and good too,
Soon I hope, knowing we go together like water and soap,
I'm like an addict with no dope,
Suffering from the wait,
For his next supply to come,
At insanity's gate,
Senses starting to numb,
Now I've summed what I wanted to say,
Maybe one day it may come to play,
I have to go, but at least you now know,
You're the one my heart holds close.

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