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May 9, 2013
By ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
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Get into a fight and finally say whatever. Don't want to start an argument so we say whatever. Don't want to be wrong so we say whatever. Don't get our way so we say whatever. Why whatever? Why don't we finish what we started. A fight may break out, but if it helps solve the problem then so be it. Whatever fixes nothing. Whatever holds anger and frustration in until finally we can't hold it anymore and we explode like a bomb. That one person you exploded on, know what they said? Whatever. If you have a problem state it, don't hide it. Hassling someone, can make them walk away and say whatever. Whatever loses friends and ones we love. Sometimes you get tired and frustrated with people, so you just say whatever. But you know what? All those people that said whatever, were right. Whatever

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