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September 18, 2008
By dylonmichael GOLD, El Dorado, Kansas
dylonmichael GOLD, El Dorado, Kansas
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i have two one is "live life as if it were your last day on earth" and two is "never make some one your everything because when they leave you you have nothing"

High School
I am so sick of all your grap
I am sick of the fighting
I am sick of the drama
I am sick of dealing with it
I have my own troubles
And I cant get my self in a good mood
And you guys aren’t helping me at all
You just keep making it worse
I really wonder why you guy’s just cant get along
I really wonder why I am your still your friend
Then I realize its because I love you both like sisters
Not one of you two is better than the other
Your equal in my world
How I wish my world existed
I hate being torn between you two
It drives me mad
And let me tell you something I don’t have much farther till I am a mental nut case
And I keep wondering how I keep getting in the middle of it
Do I try to?
Or do you guy’s just asoom I want to be
You guy’s keep battling just keep me the hell out of it
I am through
I am sick
Sick of the fighting
Sick of the gripping
Sick of the drama
Sick of it all
So please just keep me out of it

The author's comments:
this is about my friends fighting

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