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One Last Chance

August 19, 2013
By ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
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i saw you crying and i asked,whats wrong baby why you shedding them tears,you just yelled and said I would never understand.Well why don't you give me a chance and we'll see.tell me all you problems baby and i'll listen carefully. but you said no I wouldn't care.Well why don't you give me a chance and we'll both see, i can show you just how much i care baby.tell me all about it and i'll cry right along with you. Lay down your head and let the rivers flow if you need a shoulder i've got one right here. But you replied how could you ever trust me? And i chuckled once and said i've been here this whole time from since i first met you to this very moment you've been huge a wreak.Baby why don't you trust me?i've been here this whole time listening and crying at the same time you do. i'm down on my knees ready to give you my heart. Give me a chance and we'll both see. just say two simple words. I Do. Baby i'm giving my whole heart to you.Why don't you trust me?.give me a chance and we'll both see.Give me one last chance and you'll believe me

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