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August 19, 2013
By ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
ElvenGlory GOLD, Pocatello, Idaho
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It's like drowning, you're going under and can't get out;
It's like glue you're stuck and can't get free;
It's like chains, you're forced down and cant get up.

You feel only sadness, no love, hate anger, but mostly sadness;
You want it to stop, but you don't know how;
You feel like you're falling....falling...Into an abyss.

You try to climb you're way out but the sides are slippery,
You try to run along the edge to find a way out, but it never ends.

Then you find that one glimmer of hope, you catch it and beg it to stay, beg for it to never leave.
It grows bigger, and you find some one sent it.

Happiness, you swear you've never felt such joy,
They come for you, they throw down a rope and say 'Grab on!'
Gladly you oblige, they pull you out.

When no one else was there, a friend helped out, a friend you just made.
But why? they hardly know you? Because they care for you.

The author's comments:
Wrote this as I typed it.
I give credit for this poem to my boyfriend whom I have been with for 9 months now

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