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A Night Of Gray

December 6, 2013
By Bloopidoop1 SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bloopidoop1 SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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He seems to appear the day you forgot
He kills those he loves and he loves you a lot
And running won’t help
There isn’t a way
To escape from your father, Egregious Gray

He’s inside your house and he gives you a scare
But you are convinced that there’s nobody there
All caution betrayed
You walk into the hall
To hear a man roar and the roof start to fall

You run through the door of the mansion you own
Unlucky for you that the sun has not shown
You here something there
So you look behind
And see nothing but stars and the moon start to shine

You run through the night and you dash through the trees
Not daring to gasp or even to breathe
You’d rather die here
Of a natural cause
Then die from your fathers unnatural claws

All of a sudden! Right out of the brush
You’re snatched by a tall man who tells you to shush
With a uniform on
The policeman looks scared
You pray to your lord that he might be spared

What happens is this, the policeman gets mobbed
By the giant gray hand of a giant gray blob
He dashes right past
Not looking your way
You’re smart enough now that you know not to stay

A year has gone by, and you didn’t know
Your fate has been sealed, the sun did not show
The ground has been covered
With laces of white
You look to your left. Something gives you a fright!

Your father! You run but you cannot escape
You’re snatched by the hand of a giant gray ape
You writhe and you sweat
You gasp and you steam
Awake now, you realize that it was a dream

That moment, you realize that you need a drink
You’ve no time to act; you’ve no time to think
All caution betrayed
You walk into the hall
To here a man roar and the roof start to fall

The author's comments:
This poem came to me in a dream. A mans father has left him money, but the father is a monster, as the man knows. A story of near death experiances and dreams.

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