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no parental advisory please

November 10, 2008
By Markmywords GOLD, Noblesville, Indiana
Markmywords GOLD, Noblesville, Indiana
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pervading smoke,
all up on the bathroom windows
beautifully in its misery
1.2.3 let’s set this night on fire
its crisp and clever,
ready for us to take ahold.

Can you hear it?
The music is just beginning
the everlasting booms
resting on our shoulders
ready to wake us up like boulders

Parental advisory 101
Please don’t call 911
tonight will be alright
those red flashing lights
aren’t going to stop us tonight

It’s love baby love
radiating through our
rebellious bones
the night is just beginning
to freeze on our fingers

it’s going to be a good night

You know … us and these woven skateboards.

1.2.3. 9.1.1
we’re bringing the party
in this invincible skate park
We’re bringing the lights
and those cameras
with the flashes,
to brighten up our eye lashes
and get the day stashed
so tonight will start

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