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December 1, 2008
By Lindsey Oswald BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Lindsey Oswald BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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This isn't how it's supposed to be,
this wasn't meant to last,
but baby you will always be my memory of the past.
But now I’m leaving and you're gone away,
for how I miss you,
for now I pray.
Taking anger out on bottles,
taking torment from your words,
whisper sweetest soft surrenders,
whisper quite night time rhymes.
Maybe one day I will tell you,
maybe one day you will see,
baby this is not forever,
baby this is now or never,
kiss my lips I’ll kiss your eyes,
kiss my heart, I’ll kiss your lies.
Helpless dreams in sleepless slumber,
helpless sighs in heartbroke numbers.
Watch me carry,
watch me stumble.
Keep the pills,
keep them coming,
taste so sweet,
taste so becoming,
give them screaming,
give them hunger,
I will love you,
I won't hurt you,
you won't love me.
You will hurt me.
This is over,
this is over,
heartbroke lover, can't you stay?
Heartbroke lover, get away.

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