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31 Moons Ago

December 10, 2008
By Carina Immer BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Carina Immer BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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This place, I remember
From only a few
Dreamy nights ago

Was it more?

This water
These splinters from this canoe
Those distant people

So real

Frozen water!
I said push me
To that land

But this land?

Of all the places
Many moons
Have taken me

That wise moon took me to this eerie, familiar place.

No! No! Don’t let me
Step into this thick
Icy water that will sting my calves

Too late

No! No! Don’t let the eyes
Of these unreal people
Grab mine like a child grabs the forbidden cookie

Or do I know them? Do I know these eyes? What a silly thought.

My eyes run away from this eerie sight.
What is this? A familiar sun?
Wait! Don’t go!

But, the disobeying light turns to an angering glow.

You are the very moon
That brought me

To this uncommon place

How long
Will I be here?
When will I leave this familiar dreamy night?

Only a new day will know

Legs! Let me run!
Run away
From this uncommon, familiar place

Chase! Chase! Chase the quick, hot sun!

Run! Run!



Before it’s too late!


The author's comments:
This poem is based on a repeating dream that I had. Every single line in this poem are my exact feelings that I had when I was having it!

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