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December 16, 2008
By sailor2700 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
sailor2700 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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There’s a place that I spent time to recall
Where a ball won’t fall and a drop stands tall
What’s here a law is there a flaw
What will here enthrall won’t awe at all

I first met some who were immune to friction
They cried and sorrowed at their constriction
To them their state was a grave affliction
They could not manage the natural contradiction

He who was born moving moved on forever
He could not stop for what- or whomever
Eternally stuck on his forward endeavor
His fate less pitiful than others, however

Who struggled and strained but could take not one step
Enjoyed not one corvette or cigarette or television set
Unable to regret or forget or sweat
They all ended up fading to an empty silhouette

But those were too sad so I found another place
Where the rules of gravity were not only erased
But reversed and increased to make a race through space
Where everyone kept chase but none could embrace

Floating away in a wild fray- a queasy disarray
Where children went astray but they were willing to obey
Two lovers prey that they may stay one more day
But they’re always dismayed by persistent decay

Later I found the strangest land of sycamore strands
It took me a while to fully understand
How far away trees seemed to me to expand
While in front of me my hands were like grains of sand

A man told me that here rules of sight were dead
Things far away were not smaller, instead
Close objects shrink and if you look ahead
You’ll see that as they get far away they spread

I then stumbled into what I know was a rare affair
Thirty people on the floor- just sitting there
I could spy their thoughts, glaring and blaring in the air
But it was thirty games of solitaire; to each other unaware

They had bodies and heads but lacked noses and ears and eyes
With their ideas and musings and a random surmise
Of these swirling thoughts I would not be surprised
If to themselves they tended to sensationalize

I stood among them for not at all a long time
I laughed because this world I saw was the most like mine
I know that this message is not too sublime
But I wonder who out there are my twenty nine?

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