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Darkness of Fate

November 16, 2014
By DarkIcarus1375 GOLD, Kerrville, Texas
DarkIcarus1375 GOLD, Kerrville, Texas
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People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct or true. That is how they define reality. But what does it mean to be correct or true? Merely vague concepts....their reality may all be a mirage..... -Itachi Uchiha

As I walk through the world I look in despair,

Why has it come to this,what is this in the air?

A smog covers everything I see

Its choking me up, I can't seem to breathe,

I fight as I try to recapture my breath, 

I feel my life slipping, I'm falling closer to death,

What is the point in playing this game,

When all i can see is in the shade,

A darkness from which there is no escape,

A death that seems has always been my fate.

(Dedicated to my Grandfather who died in 2013)

The author's comments:

This poem was written about my grandfather. He always used to say how he was waiting on the train. How he didn't know what he was living for. I've been thinking about him alot and decided to write something close to what he might have felt.

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