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Just A Kid

January 6, 2009
By Carissamariew PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
Carissamariew PLATINUM, Cape Coral, Florida
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Words of anger corroded her young mind
While empty glass bottles crashed to the floor in line
You know i still love you he said from underneath
But in his drunken state it got harder to believe
Bang to the ground once again he was out
She gave up on screaming no one heard her shout
Her brother was crying her sister joined too
She was a six year old girl but she knew what to do
Shh, Daddy's sleeping don't make a sound
She knew what would happen if they were too loud
Alone in the corner she'd let her tears flow thinking i'm just a kid doesn't he know?
The door then slammed open her mother was home
She wasn't sleeping but her mother thought so
She heard the cries she was awake through the screams
It echoed in her head and she couldn't sleep
Creeping to the room and locking the door
She'd try to protect the babies from the uproar
Shh, hunny be quiet it'll be okay
tomorrow will be a much better day
She was lying and inside she knew it
She just didn't have the strength to put them through it
Back to the corner she let her tears flow
She was just a kid but you wouldn't have known.

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