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January 12, 2009
By dirinity SILVER, Clayton, North Carolina
dirinity SILVER, Clayton, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Certain things catch your eye,
But pursue only those
that capture your heart.

mirror mirror on the wall
who’s the fairest of them all

reflected in that ancient glass
is but a broken mass

what is that hallowed vestibule
to pick and choose as though a bascule

passing things only as deep as it
degrading and isolating those left unfit

incompetents fleeing due to coerce
seeking a haven of the perverse

only then will they pass
the judgment of glass.

The author's comments:
Glass: A Reflection Lost

Well, I obviously was inspired by the tale of Snow White, it was always one of my favorites, but then it became to be about something more. I started thinking about all the trials people go through just to be “beautiful”. Google “beautiful” and almost all the people that come up under Images will be skinny, big butted, big breasted women. It’s sad that only those people are deemed worthy of the term. In writing my poem Glass I was trying to state my opinion on the matter. The status quo for beauty isn’t what I think true beauty is.

~ Amanda

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