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From Above

January 17, 2009
By barbrafl BRONZE, Des Plaines, Illinois
barbrafl BRONZE, Des Plaines, Illinois
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Everyday, I feel your own azure eyes
Upon the back of my wondering head
Day in, day out, watching me from the skies
Watching over me as each tear is shed.

Your body’s warmth, I can always feel you
Your arms around me, guarding against pain
Only you and me, me, you, just us two
Now its only me, your existence slain.

Every night I go to sleep while thinking
How blessed I was to have you in my life
While I was with you it felt like dreaming
And I was loved while I became your wife.

And now as I walk all dressed down in black
All I can think is that I want you back.

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mgarry said...
on Jan. 29 2009 at 3:00 pm
I think this poem is really great. I give it a 10!!!!!!!