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Let It Dawn

May 14, 2015
By LotusChild PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
LotusChild PLATINUM, Raleigh, North Carolina
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"Let them hate, so long as they fear me" ~Colligula

-Everlasting Darkness-
A black hole in the bottomless trench in the darkest part of my mind
A box locked away in an island that no one knows, no one’s looking for,
no one will find
A path that winds endlessly without reason or rhyme throughout all time
with no sign, no sign, no sign! How kind…
-My Creators-
A warmth that I feel at my core is dwindling faster and faster,
Stop crushing my heart, my lungs collapse from exhaustion and I fall off the path,
hurtling towards the island and cry out for my master,
Surely, the caster of my fate, weavers of my disaster,
my life and strife where I strive to be an individual, they care,
but I remain a bastard
-Uncalm Breath-
Drowning in air, my lungs taking in deep breaths but with no results
I cry out in pain, like a child with no adults
No sound! Let my voice be heard, but no more a response than children give
No more a response than threats and insults
And I have a revelation, revolting in nature, resolve in revolt, a revolution
with winchesters and colts caused by cults
-Falling, Falling-
The Earth becomes bigger, colors brighter as they rise to meet me
The only thing that would bother to agree
to meet me, to see me, to love and embrace me, an angel in it’s own right
to smite me down and take me like debris in a dead sea
the image becomes clear, but black as I close my eyes, breathe
it’s key to be the one to see the light, breathe
Stretch my lips across my face,
They wont notice, they won't care, they cant see my disgrace
I with no one to call my  own, no love to hold and no place
No second prize of any shape or size, no solace
No one to chase or embrace, to build me up from the base
To make me better at being a person from the human race
Here it is, where I lie, face down to my fate
It’s nothingness and nothing aches, I am late
To see the world burn before me, for I approach the gate
At any rate I wish to enter my sanctuary, please take
this weight from my mortal crate, I await my long lasting life told to be great
Free of hate, free of self-hate
I take a step towards my life, my love and fall
Through the clouds and through the ground, I cry and I call
I finally hit a wall, a world both great and terrible, raw
Undone with the rest of the restless souls who broke the law
And it aches and it hurts and it pinches and burns me all
And I live here forever, for eternity as time slows to a drawl
-Let it Dawn-
Let it dawn that the world has no place for me,
Let it dawn that I will never be free
Let it dawn that my love is to always be hate
Let it dawn that I am a pawn to fate
Let it dawn that world never wanted me to defend
and Let it dawn that my life has no beginning or middle, only end

The author's comments:

I wrote this a while back, I feel like I really underestimated it, I read it over again and thought "That's about right, I like it" So I posted it.

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on May. 17 2015 at 10:16 am
super.ballerina SILVER, League City, Texas
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"Emotion is the greatest source of writing."

Really fantastic job. Props to you.