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Falling Into Black

June 9, 2015
By NyxxaStone BRONZE, Bloomingburg, Ohio
NyxxaStone BRONZE, Bloomingburg, Ohio
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Falling into black
Not once will I look back
As darkness closes in
I feel it on my skin
The air is thick
I cannot breathe
My heartbeat sticks
I try to scream
No sound comes out
No one to hear
No one around
Just me and my fear
As I fall into black
I cannot look back
Darkness closing in
Sinking through my skin
Into my bones
My stream of blood
Still all alone
I find no one
I cannot scream
Or let out a cry
My mouth is closed
My throat is dry (alternately: My hands are tied)
Falling into black
Only looking back
Do I see what I’ve done wrong
The darkness was me all along

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