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Thinking heart

January 22, 2009
By xxalyxallurexx GOLD, Albrightsvill, Pennsylvania
xxalyxallurexx GOLD, Albrightsvill, Pennsylvania
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you have nothing tho fear but fear itself

Take your hand
hold it close
pull you near
don't let go

Whisper in my ear
sweet and stunning words
Which flow like musical notes
and give me chills from my head to my toes

Look at me with twinkling eyes
so simple yet divine
and all i can think when i see you
is how blessed i am for you to be called mine

Days use to pass
and i'd think
"what am i doing waiting for him?"
but i guess i would of went a lifetime of waiting
just to end up with you
i probably would of been waiting and not even known it

When im with you....
I finally realized why I was never happy with anyone else
because i wasn't suppose to be with anyone else
only you

Your the only person i know
that can say one word
and turn my sky's from gray to blue
Your the only person
that from the moment i met you
something said to stay, and never let you go...

And i didn't..
even when i tried to push you away
all we did was get closer than before
and i'd fall 4 you more than before
It's been almost 4 years!!
and im still falling more in love with you!!
how is that possible!?
to be in love but yet still be falling?!!?

Is there ever an end to you
surprising me?
you never fail to amaze me
even with little things
just the way you look at me
gives me feelings too hard to explain..

How did you do it?
How did you take my heart without me having a clue?
how did you make me fall in love with you and not wanna get up?
you know what never mind....
i don't care how you did
im just happy you did
because you made me different...
you showed me what its like to love someone for the first time
and for them to actually love me back

Whatever you said or did..
keep doing it
I never wanna see a day pass without you in my life i cant even watch you walk out the door
because i only love seeing you come in it
even though I know i'll see you again
the world isnt perfect and shit happends
and just the thought that something bad can happen with you in or out of my sight
scares me

Take these words i write
and embed them in your mind
i never want you to go a day and wonder if i truly love you
because i do
this love is true
i never want you to go a day and question your trust in me
i say and speak my mind and heart and anything you need to know honestly

only one thing is left to say
when you walked into my life
i couldnt let you walk away
I'd go through hell and high water no matter the cost
and not a day passes that i question letting you into my life
and iloveyou
and forever and always

you have my heart
you hold it close
your here for me
and wont let go
and never do
as never will I
your here to stay
as am i

i love you and you know that
but nothing can help me explain it
not even these words i write you

your my heart
my air
my color
my day
my smile
my laugh
your my everything and never forget it


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