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Once upon a dream

January 22, 2009
By Stormy16 SILVER, Tolleson, Arizona
Stormy16 SILVER, Tolleson, Arizona
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The streets are so familiar to much so I

know this place like the back of my hand every

corner holds a memory I miss this place that no

longer is my dwellings but will always be the

place in which I call "home."

All the faces give a welcoming smile I smile in

return because I know the faces these are the

people that once were almost family to me and

now I no longer see them I miss them all so dearly.

I want to return and never leave this place again

but something holds me back I know what holds me

but at the moment my mind won't let me see I feel

dissey just trying to recall. someone catches me

as the world goes upside down and I no can longer see it.

It feels like days weeks maybe even months before

I see light again I open my eyes and check my

surroundings much to my disappointment I am no

longer in the beautiful world with all the smiling

faces I am once again in the place that I am

forced to call my home I roll over to my side

close my eyes and pray I pray that I may return to

the familiar streets and the greeting smiles

of the people I love. my prayer goes un answered.

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