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Documentary (Boy, You're in the Main Scene)

January 25, 2009
By Markmywords GOLD, Noblesville, Indiana
Markmywords GOLD, Noblesville, Indiana
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congratulations boy,
you're getting to be a
regular visitor
in my mind,
way - to - go
you're commentary
has been replayed over and over
again on my documentary
just playing in my mind

it's exhilarating
cause my eyes keep lingering out
my window,
and I have to remember
it's just myself staring back,
and there's no turning back,
you're not gonna be there to
catch me from falling on the grass

I got testosterone withdrawals,
it's a disease,
who's the next boy to inject me?
all this hopin
and wishin and wantin
is starting to drag me down,

maybe if I remind this replay
in my documentary
that you weren't that fun anyways
I would move on,
but we all know I am stubborn
and it takes me a slap in the face
by a stop sign
to bring me down

maybe if I tell myself
a thousand times
that you never snuck me into that bar,
cause you were a wuss
and you were too scared of the cops
then I could just move on

maybe if I say it, over and over
that I just need to press the fast forward
button in this documentary,
and just move on
and this girl in the window?
she's going to be fine
she's strong,
and never wrong

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