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The Leaf

January 29, 2009
By Matt Dini BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Matt Dini BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The leaf is happy in the summer breeze

Swaying lightly in the wind

It's lush green color showing perfect health

A happy leaf it is.

The weather suddenly gives a slight change

And the leaf now feels a gentle chill

It's color fading lightly

As the season changes into autumn.

The leaf is now the color of the trunk of a tree

Its once strong green figure now brittle and shriveled

It longs for its former self

And the soft breeze of summer

As the season progresses, conditions become even harsher.

The winds pick up, and they become icy and cold

Shaking the leaf violently

Making it extremely miserable.

The season is now winter.

The few leaves that remain on the trees are feeble little things

The leaf somehow clings to the tree for a week

Before being ripped from its home

And shot around the neighborhood

in a wild and unmerciful fashion

It is paraded about the air

Hoping to grasp on the something

But the leaf cannot maintain a grip

And wonders if this nightmare will ever cease.

It finally gets pounded into the snow

And is forgotten by all others

Until spring comes around

And he is recreated as a new leaf.

The spring season begins and the trees start regaining leaves

Little buds that evolve into lush green flakes

The leaf returns greener than ever

Ready for the summer season to begin

And the cycle to begin once again.

The author's comments:
The stanzas didn't turn out when I copy/paster, but here it is! Hope you enjoy.

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