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My Accomplice

February 2, 2009
By Markmywords GOLD, Noblesville, Indiana
Markmywords GOLD, Noblesville, Indiana
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I told myself I would forget you
at the end of the month,
thirty days for my mind to wander,
wait and wish, and want.
time slipped through these hands of mine,
you're not in them, intertwined,
is it too much to convince myself
that it's alright?
maybe if I start with uncovering the darkness,
so I can dig up this life; it's bright,
time to go catch it with my eyes.

the stars keep poking at my head,
they always have a good way of comforting
me after a long day,
I run and run, and fall
and scream,
trying to find you,
that person to
hold me in the moonlight,
just holding me tight,
cause I never thought anyone could
come that close,
but with you, my walls melted,
like ice

but where are they now?
they're buried in the dirt,
but I am still wishing, and waiting,
just thinking..
how are you today?
just thinking...
damn, those numbers are inviting,
maybe if i press them
your voice can lull me back to sleep,
but here I am,
trying to breathe,
trying to dream,
trying to do everything to forget about you and me,
and you're so damn good at
making my mind pop back to the past,
where it was just you and I,
it's heading around the corner,
as I keep mentally driving past our milestones,

I have got to stop this,
but I never knew this would be
just another way for you to be my accomplice,
it's easy enough to tell you to get away from me,
man, I already did that,
and you reversed the tables,
but here I still am,
waiting, wishing, wanting.
hoping you'll fall back on my doorstep,
that will never happen,
I have got to get off my ***,
cause I am fierce, winded,
got my fingers screaming out these words,
telling me,
girl, it's time to go.
girl, go chase the sun,
with or without him
you know you'll always love,
cause love is easy now,
thanks to that old accomplice...

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LizzyClaire said...
on May. 11 2009 at 6:49 pm
Wow, this is deep. I really enjoyed this, so full of...just wowness. =]