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What Its Like To Be In Love, For Those Who Don't Know

November 12, 2015
By itss.hallee BRONZE, Addis, Louisiana
itss.hallee BRONZE, Addis, Louisiana
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What Its like to Be in Love ( For Those Who don't know) 


The Fantasy: That One day  your going to live the rest of your together forever
The Determination to stay committed
The Smell of his Cologne Once you Slip On His Varsity Jacket
The Smell Of Her Perfume You remember while laying on her chest
The Butterfly Like Feeling that You get When Your Together
The Intimacy
The All Night Phone Calls
The Craving Of his/Her kisses at the moments where you miss them the most
The Hardness Of his Abs
The Softness Of her Breast
The endless Craving to Be Tasting The Others Tongue
The Late Night parties
The Rough S**, saying I love You
The Cute Nicknames

The Arguments
The Make Ups
The Stepping Out


The Phone Call Hang-Ups
The Ignorance
The Disrespect
The “Just Friends “
The Assumptions
The Thirsty Dogs That Lust after Her a%$
The Irritating Flies that call themselves females
The Endless Amount Of Lies
The “Fvck you.”
The Admitting To Cheating
The Rumors
The Bulls&^%
The Allegations
The END!!

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