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February 4, 2009
By TiffanyViggiano SILVER, Riverside, California
TiffanyViggiano SILVER, Riverside, California
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A thousand suns sit unnoticed
A sanctuary from suburbia, unspoiled
A rare occurrence in a world so focused
A small salvation from the daily toils

For a moment I have no fate
I no longer slave to the clock
There is no late
I fly free from my flock

Suburbia splits the sea
And still Heaven goes unseen
Alone I wonder free
While the world embraces the mean

The yellow hue warms my soul
The petals dance on my skin
The pungent smell swallows me whole
And I have become the wind

The seeds swim through the air
Dipping so daring as they go
Landing with such sweet care
Numbing all I know

As I breathe dizziness sets in
My mind is set free
I can't remember where I've been
My former life unbeknown to me

The intoxicating aroma envelopes my soul
It merges with my very being
My mind, my heart numbed to only feel droll
In that moment it is you I'm not seeing

My muscles lose all feeling
Finally I can relax
From the ecstasy I'm reeling
High on the absence of facts

My shackles fall to the ground
Their gentile sheen saves my soul
For a moment I am found
Yet perfection takes its tole

For even in salvation they must find sin
The sun sinks on dancing seeds and silent suns
Darkness engulfs as the cold creeps in
When it dims there is none

Doomed to the life of a shooting star
Bold beautiful freedom shines
And is ripped away as all things are
I must return to normal times

Without the high of my former friends
My mind joins the gray mundane
A hunger burns with no ends
And once again I feel the pain

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