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No Better Love

February 11, 2009
By kayx1o SILVER, Horton, Michigan
kayx1o SILVER, Horton, Michigan
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you're here for all i go through
put up with my worst moods
but you can still bring out the best in me
all the little things i let get to me
all the fights i start,
you can still ove me the same
all the time i get mad at you for no reason
when i sit and cry with you on the phone
but you still listen and say it's going to be alright
all the bad things people have to say about me
the uncountable rumors soaring through the air
but you still hold on strong
all the trouble i put you through
the things i can't bear to deal with alone
all the cold things i say when i get mad
the times i make you feel unworthy
but you still keep loving me
all the time i told you i love you
the times we lie there in eachothers arms
you find more reasons to love me
all the times i call you and say how much i miss you
the times my fingers fit perfectly between yours
you remind me we'll last forever
all the times i told you how you've changed my life
the times i told you i'm never letting you go
i meant and still mean
all the times i said you were perfect
the times we talk about our future
baby everyone can see,
you and me
there's no better love.

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