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February 11, 2009
By J.Peoples BRONZE, Milton, Florida
J.Peoples BRONZE, Milton, Florida
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Tears fall, but no ones there to catch them.
They fall fast and hard, just as you did when you first met him.
The realization of what the relationship has become hurts,
but not nearly as much as when you looked into his eyes and no one was looking back.
What happened to the spontaneous, exciting times you shared?
What happened to the laughs and the countless conversations?

What happens when your everything is deferred?

Its like running the last stretch of the race,
Exhausting and hard to finish.

Will it be like praying for snow,
During the warm winter days in Florida?

Or perhaps it would be like chasing the wind,
Entertaining at first, but disappointing once you can't catch it.

So what happens when your everything is deferred?

You end up chasing something that will never be there.
Wasting your time and prolonging the inevidable pain.

You find yourself compromising who you are, for who he pretends to be.

You listen to the words that sound so good, but in your heart you know aren't true.

You fall in love, with someone who is incapable of loving you back.

And even though you thought he would some how, in some way prove to you that he thinks your worth it, he never does.

What's left after you've deferred everything?

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