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February 22, 2009
By oodpfaa BRONZE, Ffds, Illinois
oodpfaa BRONZE, Ffds, Illinois
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I look around.
Stomach empty,
I bark.
All I get is a:
'Shut up you ugly mutt!'
I must have done something wrong.
I feel pain, I whine.
Suddenly I get thrown out,
I try to get in,
But i'm all alone now.

I walk.
I see big flashing lights,
They scare me.
I turn to a dark place,
Were I see others.
They turn to me,
But then they start growling,
I go back to were the lights are.
Food, need it.
Its close, I find it.
Its in a big square, I jump in it.
I eat and eat until in full.
The food isn't very good,
But at least I ate.

I wake up,
I see a big orange ball in the sky.
I find a place were there are people.
They're little.
I wag my tail as a little comes,
Little pats my head:
'Good doggie, come'
I follow little.
Little takes me to a place,
Made of like the inside of trees.
It is little too.

I sniff the air,
Little is next to me.
Little pats my head:
'Hungry boy?'
I wag my tail.
Little cuts a round red thing,
Little gives me one piece.
I eat it,
It's juicy and sweet.
Me and little play outside,
With a stick.
We sit.
'You're my best 'friend'
I like little.

I follow little,
He goes into a place with lots of noise.
I try to go in but little says:
'Stay here boy'
And he pats my head.
I stay outside the place.
Little comes back,
He gives me food.
Its very good.
'What are you doing?!'
Little and I turn:
'Get that ugly mutt out of here!'
I know what that means

We run.
Run, run, and run.
Little and I turn,
No one is behind.
We walk.
We walk to the house,
That's made of like the inside of trees.
When we get there:
'Sorry but I cant keep you anymore.'

I whine,
I'm a bad dog.
That's why little doesn't like me anymore.
Ill leave tomorrow.
And I snuggle for the last time next to little.

I'm back to being alone,
No one to pet me.
I wander around,
Big flashing lights around me,
I miss little.
All of a sudden,
I get picked up.
I get thrown,
Its dark were I am.
I hear others,
Suddenly the sunshine comes back,
A person takes me into a place.
The place is full of others,
In something they call cages.

I talk to the others.
They say i'm doomed,
I don't believe that.
They give us food and water,
It's the best place i've ever been.
I ask the other were am I?
They say that i'm in a shelter.

It's what they call it.
When someone wants you,
They take you home.
Every time someone comes in,
I try too look the best I can.
But one even looks at me.
More of the others are being adopted.
At last i'm all alone,
No one to talk to,
No one to play with.
But then'.

Is what I am.
Adopted by a little.
She took me to something called 'home'.
There, little plays with me.
She feeds me.
She likes me.
But someone is always yelling at little,
And she cries.
And she gets hit,
Just like me.

Is something I don't like to do.
It gets me in trouble.
One time when little was getting hit and yelled at,
I got mad and started barking,
And biting.
I got hit too.
Me and little sleep together,
And when it's very dark,
We leave.

We had been walking for a long time.
Little and I rest.
She finds something to eat.
I eat it.
I feel sleepy,
So I sleep.
Only that woke up alone'

I wake up alone.
Little must have left me,
I am alone once again.
I walk around,
People just yelling at me,
Hitting me.
Wake up!
Suddenly I wake up,
Little is next to me.

not little.
I could tell little is sad,
She cries next to me all the time now.
We came back to that place called 'home'.
We never play,
She doesn't feed me,
She doesn't care.
This is not little.
I run away,
She doesn't try to catch me.

I have been betrayed too much to trust.
First, I get thrown out.
Next, I find a 'friend' but then can't keep me.
Third, I get adopted but I end running away.
Soon the fourth reason will come,
I just know it'.

I just want to die.
I can't stand this anymore.
I wish I just went to sleep and never woke up.

I end up in a shelter,
They are nice people here.
They feed me,
Play with me.
But they lack something,
Love for me.

I hear sounds at night one day.
It's someone who broke in.
I hear it doing something,
To the bags of food.
I know the smell of it,
I know how it feels,
To be in the verge of death.

The next day I warn the others,
About yesterday.
They don't believe.
They say i've been in the streets too much,
That I should trust these people.
They gracefully eat their food,
I don't.
The people think i'm sick.
But i'm sick of being betrayed.

That sent.
I know it,
It's him from yesterday night.
I know who poisoned the food.
And guess who it was,
The nicest of the people here,
At least that's what everyone thought.
I warn the others,
They think i'm crazy,
But I just know its him.

Days passed,
Some of the others gone.
The people are worried.
They think there is a 'virus',
Whatever that means.
I want to show proof.
I haven't even touched that food.
So I get fed people food,
They think I don't like my food,
But they have no idea.

Again tonight I hear that sound.
It's him.
I don't want the others to die,
So I bark.
I bark as loud as I can.
The other people came in:
'What are you doing!?'
'I'I was just seeing how the dogs are doing.'
'What's that behind you?'
'Show me!'

He had nowhere to go.
The others caught him.
They found out he had the poison.
'You! You have been poisoning them!? But why!'
'I'm tired of their whining, barking, it gets so annoying!!'
I know all people are like that.
They take him away,
The others are still asleep.

The next day,
Is like another day.
Except the unexpected happens.
Everyone likes me,
They say i'm a hero.

wish come true.
I still smell the poison,
Still in the garbage can.
There's a new guy now,
But he's mean.
He says i'm useless.
I eat some poisoned food,
I know what i'm doing.
The guy hits me,
When the other people aren't looking
All humans are like that,
They seem to like you.
But at the last minute,
They betray you.
I take a last look at this world,
Full of love,
But still full of hatred.
I go to sleep,
Knowing that I will never wake up.
Before I sleep I think:
I never knew what a real home was,
I never knew what a friend was,
I never knew what love really is,
But I sure know how what getting betrayed is.

The author's comments:
I just got the idea while i was thinking of what to write for a class paper.

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KaylaAnne GOLD said...
on Feb. 26 2009 at 4:11 am
KaylaAnne GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
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That's so sad! I have 2 dogs only I'm not mean to them or anything. They are great dogs. I love your poetry! Keep writing. This one made me sad though but it's still good!!!! : )