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Blissless Ignorance

February 14, 2009
By H.Nolan BRONZE, St. John&#39s, Other
H.Nolan BRONZE, St. John&#39s, Other
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this life's been lived before.
this night isn't new,
these thoughts are dusty with age.

your head is like an attic.
filled with yellowed photographs,
memories and used-up wisdom.
you shine them up to make them look new,
but i see through you,
i see through.

in this world we've created,
your just like the others.
just like those silhouettes,
masked in the distance.
you illuminate your pain,
and expect my regards.

you love without warning
and you hate without cause
you sit on your throne and expect my applause.
your tinted windows, your mask, your veil....
you dont see the world and i dont think you care.

The author's comments:
I am conventionally a fiction writer - but I thought I'd try my hand at Poetry.

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