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March 4, 2016
By BeanBunBunny PLATINUM, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
BeanBunBunny PLATINUM, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
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I fell in love with a man
Who made me blush and smile
And held me safely
Like I was a child


He told me of his dream
Where the world was pure again
Made anew in ways unthinkable
Beautiful, pure, something unchangeable
He called it his Heaven


No more locked breathing, said he
Where our rib cages swing
And our thoughts are released
Unburdened and free


The sea is clean, safe, and saltless
The sand stays where it is
We can swim, he says, without our limbs
Constantly threatening to fail us


The mountains are proud and sturdy
They sway to the song the universe makes
Giving back every sound that they take
Singing deep in their roots till the ground is alive


The sky is a blue, perfect gem
Untouched by harmful light or chemical
Pinned up by stars so it cannot fall
Rainbowed, glowing, and natural


The trees tell stories with each leaf
Green, supple, bards with each rustle
Pushing and swaying
Like hair being tousled


The deer are white gold pelted
And stomp life with each cloven hoof
Where all who pass leave them be
Left to run wild, innocent and free


This is the world, when he whispers to me,
That he paints with his words and promises
An image of somewhere far away
Where we sit at one table with family


Colors are full, luscious and living
There is no age, weight, or falsity
To hold us down and weigh our souls
All voices are free and sound out with singing


He sits me on his criss-crossed legs
And smiles against my cheek
He tells me each morning, day, and night
“This Heaven was dreamed for you”
My man, my dreamer, my very light


And then he called it our Heaven

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