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March 21, 2016
By linnchaplin GOLD, Fort Lee, New Jersey
linnchaplin GOLD, Fort Lee, New Jersey
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I soar and circle love to search for mine
I crash upon an empty dream tonight
A dream to warn the crazed and those who pine
A dream to rob my senses and my sight
A dream that lies and acts that “all is fine”
A dream that cheats and claims that “all is right”
Yet I, a hopeful fool, still wait in line
That I forever yearn for Venus’ light –
            “Passion compass how you shine!
            Set my frigid hearth alight
            Hold me ‘till we intertwine
            Fill me with your tender might!”
A day, a fortnight, and the clock chimes nine
When Venus twirls me up at halcyon height
            “Torn and broken dear of mine
            Look upon the charming light
            Gone with false dreams – cheap designs
            It is time to live your life!”
A month, a season, then the stars align
When inner voice projects and charms ignite
I feel and I embrace my newfound vine
I dream again to live this newfound flight.

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