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A Glance in the Mirror

February 20, 2009
By Sagiex13 BRONZE, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Sagiex13 BRONZE, McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
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deeper, deeper

into darkness.

i can not stop

i can not breathe.

i just keep drowning

i think ill let the blackness take me

my life flashes before my eyes,

yet still, i think ill just sink more

drown more

....suddenly im enjoying it

....somehow, somewhere, people are laughing.

i hear their distant chuckles

all of a sudden,

i think....

maybe i wont drown

maybe i will live

i crave to hear the far away laughter

i crave to laugh myself.

but im spiraling out of control

i sudddenly want to stop spiraling,

i suddenly want to be me again,

but thats just a tiny piece of me

a tiny fragment of what once was a pure, light soul

now a monster has taken over.

destroying almost all of the light

...im still spiraling.

...deeper and deeper.

nothing different, but a faint cry for help

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