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Her love

February 20, 2009
By White_fang SILVER, Hinckley, Minnesota
White_fang SILVER, Hinckley, Minnesota
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Her loved saved me from the brink. It breathed life into my empty soul. I lived only for her love. What am I without it? Now her love is gone. How can I still be? Is there something still in there? Does she save me still? Or do I love to regain the love I've lost. Is this my main goal? Is this why i'm here? Why do I love in constent pain. Why cant I control it? This is the one thing I want. The only thing I need. Will I live forever without it? Or will I get it back? Will I love forever alone or will I find love again? I've never felt joy like it nor experienced the pain. Its my life and my death. Me heroin. My salvation and my demise. Her love'

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