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All I Want

February 20, 2009
By White_fang SILVER, Hinckley, Minnesota
White_fang SILVER, Hinckley, Minnesota
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There is so much I want to tell her but so much I'm afraid to say. Will she love me or will she just turn away? Would she laugh in my face or would she truly care? Would she believe me? Would she even listen? These words I'm afraid to say are the ones id die for her to know. I don't know how to tell her I love her so. What would she do? What would she say? There is only one way to know I'm afraid to say. I have to tell her. She has to know, I dread the moment I let her. How shall I start? I love you still. I always have. I l want you back but I know I never will. Its killing me slowly to know you don't care. And if you do please let me know. Please don't mind the tear drops on the paper. As I cry for you this tears carry my love. I hope you will read these words and take mercy on my heart for all it wants is you. As I sit here writing these words I wonder why. Why I still love you. Through all the pain and hurt. My feelings for you are as strong as ever. Will they ever cease to be? Will I ever be left in peace let to move one?

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