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You Don't See Me

February 17, 2009
By jilliandani SILVER, Oil Springs, Kentucky
jilliandani SILVER, Oil Springs, Kentucky
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I see you with her
And turn away
I let the tears fall down
And streak my face

But I don't let you see
I just let you leave

You smile my way
Tell me you love me
But you don't mean it
Not how I want

You are not mine
Not how I want you to be

You laugh at my jokes
I laugh at yours
Your smile breaks my heart
Your laugh fuels my soul

You are my best friend
Nothing more

I try so hard
To be so strong
To just let us be
What we are

I put on my fake smile
I don't let you know

I should be the one
The one and only
But you never see
You never notice

I see you and I stop
I stop and pray once more

You don't see me
Not how you see her
I am only your friend
Only the one that's loved you
Since the first day you made me laugh

The author's comments:
This piece is something that all teenage girls can relate to; there is that guy that you would love to have a chance with and this is to show you, you're not alone.

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