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It's not over

February 18, 2009
By blingblang4eva ELITE, Fayetteville, Georgia
blingblang4eva ELITE, Fayetteville, Georgia
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it's not over and never will be
you will see
you and me
are meant to be

you still look me in the eye
and all I see are the tears you cried
I know this relationship wasn't a lie
cause I think about our break up and just say, 'why?'

I think about you
your image always in view
I'm unable you get anyone new
I always cry on cue
with a image of you

finally thought I'd found the one
yet we're quickly done
all this fun
then none
is this your idea of as pun?

you say we're done and it's alright
but I'm all you think about at night
your dream is always a replay of the fight
and finally a light
and you see we're not over

and as I sit here today
I see it's replay
and the last thing you say,
'It's not over!'

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