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Blood was Spilled

September 27, 2008
By NamezTJ PLATINUM, Scottsville, New York
NamezTJ PLATINUM, Scottsville, New York
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There was an invasion,
Blood was spilled.
Our men showed signs of weariness,
Blood was spilled.
Intoxicating cam through the mouth,
Blood was spilled.
A Hurricane broke the stillness,
Blood was spilled.
It was cold and we were barefoot,
Blood was spilled.
We fought in a shadow,
Blood was spilled.
In the dark, dew stung our wounds,
Blood was spilled.
Our bellies rumbled “ravenous hunger”,
Blood was spilled.
I got shot by an arrow,
Blood was spilled.
I woke up like it was a dream,
Blood was spilled?
I felt so happy I could sing a song,
Blood was spilled?
I saw God’s gate upon the clouds, an then… silence!
My Blood was spilled.

The author's comments:
This is not supposed to be about fantasy. This has a less obvious reason to be written. The reason is to try and make the reader understand the narrator never realizes it could happen to him.

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