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Sound of a Shattering Heart

January 22, 2017
By jdotalways SILVER, Williamsburg, Kentucky
jdotalways SILVER, Williamsburg, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
tis better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.

If a heart shatters into a million pieces,
But no one is around,
Can you hear the breaking,
Does it make a sound?

A heart is fragile,
Like a mirror on the wall,
A heart is vulnerable,
Like an empire under attack it can fall.

A heart breaks slowly,
Like learning to read it takes a while,
The beating becomes the breaking,
The tears erase even the thought of a smile.

When a heart is broken,
The rain begins to fall,
The sunny days disappear,
Stormy nights last forever afterall.

When a heart breaks,
The music disappears,
The pain and agony take control,
The body and soul forever live in fear.

Love is no longer patient,
A broken heart is no longer kind,
Falling in love is a nightmare,
Barbed wire protects the heart and mind.

When a heart breaks it might make a sound,
It might resemble a lonely soul crying,
It might resemble a night of restless sleep,
It might sound like a part of you dying.

A heart breaking makes the saddest of all sounds.

The author's comments:

I watched a heart break years ago. A man loved a woman so much, but the woman left him for drugs and another man. I heard the mans heart as it broke. He held me and told me my mother had left and wouldn't be coming back. It changed him and his children. When a heart breaks, its covered with scars. And this poem came from a heart that has just now started to feel whole again.

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