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The Real Me

March 20, 2009
By ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
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I am so tired of being this me
Of wearing clothes that are black
And thinking that the world is empty
What I really want is a friend
But the world continues to curse me
With pains I can not mend
I try to ignore it and move on
But everywhere direction I turn to
They resurface again
Constantly making me judge people
Look at them like they are all the same
Putting myself up on a pedestal
So I can look at them
But they can not get close to me
Hating them for being happy
But really wishing I was with them
But I know that I can never really forget
The evil I know the world contains
Everyday I am filled with the same regret
Longing for innocence
To be one of them, carefree and blissful
To have back the adolescence
I had stolen away from me so long ago
I could be honest and open
Giving up the feelings that stow
Away in my chest, willing to break free
But are still chained up inside
One of these days I really hope
That for once, I can be just me.

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