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What is Love?

April 23, 2017
By Catniss SILVER, Jakarta, Other
Catniss SILVER, Jakarta, Other
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Is it heart-shaped and colored red?

Is it powerful like the mind in my head?
Is it passion for life and true desire?
Or must it be for the one I admire?

Is it doing something you enjoy?
Is it something that I shouldn’t destroy?
Is it happiness and hope against the blue?
Is it how I feel when I look at you?

Does it drive to hanker to smell your cologne?
Will I ever feel it when I am alone?
Is the same as what I share with family?
Or is it dominating and entirely phony?

Is it strawberry flavored and sodden wet?
Did we experience it when we first met?
Is it wrapping your arms around your dearest friend?
Or must our lips meet in the end?

The author's comments:

I am unaware of exacltly what inspired me to write this howeverver I know that the subject is what most teenagers ponder on

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