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Where I Have Been.

March 17, 2009
By Scripted BRONZE, Calgary, Other
Scripted BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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Where I have Been.

Where the icebergs lounge, and the oceans bellow
Where the ships set sail, and the winds squall
Where school was elementary, and toys were for homework
Where years were a blink, yet eyes never closed

Where prairies lay ironed, and trains chase tracks
Where geese congregate, and sunsets ascend
Where summer rain is hailed, and winter snow is loathed
Where time ticks backwards, yet years still pass

Where gold is a viscous liquid, and Flames are extinguished
Where wealth is created and opportunities, fashioned
Where high school is marked, and sports are failed
Where friends are recognized yet might soon be unknown

Where business admits success, and rejection is scholarly
Where freedom is freed, and harnessed with maturity
Where childhood dreams scatter, and mortgage rates build
Where Big Slick nets me royalty, only I have not yet been to Texas.

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