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Thorn For a Rose

March 17, 2009
By Trisha BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
Trisha BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
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There is a girl who'll go unnamed. She wakes up every morn.
She gets up every day and wishes she was never born.
Day in, day out, it's the same routine. Weekdays she goes to school.
This girl's a straight A student and she follows every rule.
On weekends it is time to listen to whatever people say
Actually it's like that every single waking day.
The girl, she feels unloved and unappreciated for.
She just wants to stand up and walk right out the front door.
One solemn day the girl got up and decided she couldn't stay.
'I can't take this anymore' she said, as she slowly walked away.
This girl, she walked right on outside to a bridge that she knew well.
She stared into the distance and her story she did tell.
'All I do is get good grades and write 'factitious' tales,
'You'll never get anywhere like that,' my writing professor wails.
I wanted to be perfect, do every possible thing right.
I guess I'm just not good enough' she said out to the night.
She then stood on a ledge wishing to take a giant leap,
Into the murky darkness of the waters oh so deep.
She took the leap and plunged into a state of tranquility.
Then she awoke in her bed, 'Nothing happened to me.'
To her dismay it was just a dream, one that would never come true.
But the girl sure wished it would, she didn't know what else to do.
So she got up like every morning that she wished she wasn't born,
And felt like she was not a rose, but instead a wretched thorn.

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