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Typical Teenager

March 28, 2009
By Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
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Waking up is not so fun,
We leave the house here comes the sun.
Still half asleep to school we drive,
It’s time to start, on time we arrive.
Go to mass,
Teachers provides a pass.
First hour here we come,
Everyone knows we are not so dumb.
Passing classes to friends we talk,
Grumpy teachers grumble, “Stop the squawk!"
E-mails checked many times a day,
Like Spanish for attention strays.
Geometry confusing it may seem,
An A in the class is not to far from a dream.
The announcements are said, no bell rings but we leave,
School was awesome I do believe.
Don’t get excited the days not over yet,
Time for soccer where we’ll work up a sweat.
Running, jumping, diving not as easy as it looks,
It’s things like this that make you love those books.
Parents pick you up late, gee I wish we could drive,
Twenty extra minutes? I think we’ll survive.
Yummy dinner from mom is served,
A hard days work it is well deserved.
Doing dishes is quite a bore,
To keep texting we put up with this chore.
A quite shower is just what we need,
Longer and longer the faucet never sees speed.
Facebook real quick, then homework comes last, oh wait just kidding!
Teachers might find this a little forbidding.
Crawl into bed no need to count sheep,
We’ve already fallen into a deep sleep.

Growing up has ups and downs,
No longer a child protected all day,
Learning, living, loving life a teenager would say.

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on Apr. 8 2009 at 2:24 pm
Overall, not a bad poem, but next time I would try to find a batter balence between rhyme and reason. Rhyme is taking over. Try writing freeverse for a bit so you can get a feel for how powerful reason should be.