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Searching the sea

October 5, 2017
By Abby-Rose PLATINUM, Birch River, West Virginia
Abby-Rose PLATINUM, Birch River, West Virginia
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Across the sea of society,
There sits my love awaiting me,
Though their waves of tradition try to tear us apart,
I will search for her with all of my beating heart,
Though the salt may burn the cuts their judgments have made,
I'll sail the whole sea, till the world begins to fade
Just to catch a glimpse of my lover and all that she may be
All her good, bad, and even the crazy,
I'd give up the whole world and all that may amaze
Just to get lost for a moment in her emerald gaze
So though the waves may be rough and death may be nigh
I'd give it all away just for her to pass by

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