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Stuck in Thought

March 21, 2009
By TayMar GOLD, Copley, Ohio
TayMar GOLD, Copley, Ohio
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A choice.
My choice.
Your choice.
Should I step forward?
Should you step back?
Should I go?
Should you stay?
Am I too much?
Are you too much?
Do I pressure?
Do you not pressure me?
Do I ask for too much?
But do you not ask this of me?
Am I in-between a rock and a hard place?
Or am I putting you in one?
Why am I not feeling loved in this thing that's supposed to make this-make our love official?
Why do we feel guilty in this act that is pure and innocent?
I'm not sure what's going on- and the worst part is that you're not sure either.
I'm alone, alone in this moment we're supposed to be at our closest.
Should I leave?
Should you leave?
Does staying here change anything?
Why can't we bear to end this- this 'event'?
What should we do?
Should I decide?
Or should you?

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