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April 2, 2009
By BrokenRainbow SILVER, Morrilton, Arkansas
BrokenRainbow SILVER, Morrilton, Arkansas
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dark skys, pestilent haze-
raining blood from crimson cloud...
deamons fly, from my soul-
into the night under the stars...
thunderous sparks, flaming hooves-
nightmares haunting the halflight...
mortals cower, waiting for the dawn-
numb to the pain with ice in my veins...
running, hiding, escaping
my fears pursue me,
the deepest corners of my soul
devoured by deamons
I'm losing my mind...
in my shell alone encased in evil,
tears of darkness
pools of blood
scars lace my heart
I spiral down the abbyss, I'm going insane...

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