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The Fish in the Lake

April 2, 2009
By Matt Dini BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Matt Dini BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The fish glides through the water in the lake

Its fins floating in the rush of water

Gently and serenly traveling to an unknown destination

It doesn't care if it ever gets there.

Eyes looking forward

It lazily swims along the current

Not knowing anything but the water around itself

and the slight glimmer of sun breaking the waterline.

The fish takes a good look around itself.

It spies nothing unusual.

Green algae and sea grass litter the floor

and the water is as green as ever.

Admist all of the usual, it sees something it has never before.

A silver glitter shines through the water like a ray of sun.

The fish has never seen a more beautiful sight!

It begins to swim toward the object.

The object's reflection shinews across its face.

Its desire for the object increases greatly as it comes closer;

There is a piece of cheese connected to the silver shine!

Oh, how delicious!

It speeds toward the cheese in a feeble attempt to bite it.

The cheese is quickliy pullled away from its grasp.

The fish is now hungrier than ever.

It makes another lunge at the cheese.

Its jaws clasp around the cheese in triumph

It is so delicious!

Suddenly it feels a sharp burst of pain.

It is trapped on a hook!

It cries out in pain as it is lifted into the air

It can no longer breathe

This is not what the fish expected!

It is held up to a ruler and measured by a foul smelling man.

It is finally tossed back into the waves of the lake.

Its mouth is in terrible pain.

The fish ponders the object and what possible purpose it could have.

Giving up, it swims deeper into the lake wondering.

The author's comments:
A lonely fish and an unfortunate occurence.

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