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Behind Rainbow Eyes

March 31, 2009
By BrokenRainbow SILVER, Morrilton, Arkansas
BrokenRainbow SILVER, Morrilton, Arkansas
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I have hope,
I have life.
I am a sister,
I am a wife.
But when I walk these streets
you do not see me,
even when you stare and point
you. do. not. see. ME!
I have pain,
I have strife.
I love my partner,
my wife.
But if I walk by you holding her hand
you cover your child's eyes...
you don't understand
we LOVE, we FEEL,
words CAN hurt
our pain is real!
I will love,
I will fight.
I believe,
in whats right.
I won't just take this lying down,
the time has come for us,
a united people-we won't stand down
I know I WILL be strong.
I am young,
this may be true,
but I've dodged enough hate
to have aged more than you...
Call me what you will,
I will not be silent...
Think what you will,
I will not dissappear...
I will stand tall
with my head held high-
I will be myself
until I die-
I will not hide
I will love with pride...

I will live my life,
I will not judge YOU...
Why do you judge ME?

The author's comments:
I tend to use my work to vent, this is just one of my many mediums, I use art and music and I write constantly.

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