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Real Love

April 5, 2009
By weaker GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
weaker GOLD, Lexington, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Can't change it, so learn to love it!"

when you find love
do you seek it out
or push it away

do you wear a mask
keep all thoughts of him away
never open your heart
so that it will never be broken

or do you run to him
hold your heart out to him
wrap your arms around him
hope that he'll be there forever

do you dream about him at night
does his presence fill your mind with sinful thoughts
do you despise him
but long for his the touch of his lips

do you turn the other way when you see his eyes
do you know that they are filled with images of you
can you trust that it's all not a dream
can you let him see the real you

love is strange
love is wonderful
love is unconditional
and love is uncontrollable

your mind will never know if it's true
your heart will try to seek it
but your soul knows it
and someday you will find it

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