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Three Balloons

April 4, 2009
By CaitlinOnTheWeb BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
CaitlinOnTheWeb BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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Three Balloons sit so sweet,
Untouched by the world's harsh cold and brutal heat.

Orange, Yellow, and Red.
Two look like eggs, one looks like a head.

Orange, so bright-like a citrus fruit-with its round shape it looks so cute.

Yellow, in the child's hand-looking like a sun without rays-but the rays are there, on the child's face.

Red, as bright-as a blazing fire in the night sky-careful those sparks can really fly!

Three balloons gone at the end of the day. No not popped but they flew away.

Hopefull for another child to spot- to inspire another thought.

The author's comments:
This piece was actually inspired while I was at my little cousin's birthday party and she said "look at those three ballons in the sky, let itgo and then it will fly". So I kind of just used her idea and ran with it, I think it's pretty good. Enjoy!
-written summer of 2006

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