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After Dusk

July 18, 2018
By Silver_Ag BRONZE, Arcadia, California
Silver_Ag BRONZE, Arcadia, California
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Crickets keep rhythm to a changing sky,

The sun disappears with a final goodbye.

Night has arrived with its pearly light,

The moon and the stars set the sunset alight.

Tonight, the crescent has reached its peak,

No clouds can hide the moon’s mystique.

The stars glimmer against the gathering dark,

Each competing to leave the brightest mark.

Hanging like a lantern from invisible wire,

Its cooling rays aglow with blue fire.

Calming the world from the excitement of day,

While its pure white light keeps your worries at bay.

The twinkling sky brings a message to earth,

A reminder of life, for all that it’s worth.

Their voiceless whispers carry through the breeze,

A midnight choir puts your mind at ease.

All too soon, the moon must descend,

Our twilight gathering draws to an end.

The dawn is approaching, but there’s no need to mourn,

So just watch in wonder as a new day is born.

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